A Bugatti by Peugeot, the baby Peugeot

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The Peugeot Baby made in France from the end of 1912, are cars with a great technique, simple, small, agile and cheap among its virtues.

Based on its predecessor, the type 12. It has a 55 x 90 (855 DC) side valve engine, clutch cone of leather and two speeds (Bugatti built his prototype with the possibility of using a four or five-speed gearbox. Peugeot released it simply with two gears although later put him a third speed, being the rear suspension through 1/4 leaf spring backward. Bugatti sold his patent to Peugeot through a contract signed on November 16, 1911.

Bugatti described in the contract the following data: baby, 10 HP. at 2,000 rpm 80 km. / h. All a copy of this car, including the engine, was built by Bugatti in his workshop in Molsheim, before selling his patent. In October 1912, is presented at the Paris Salon as as well as it the stand Peugeot, where many were interested in this new car.

During the year 1913, makers of Peugeot, always interested in advertising reporting careers, decide to debut three baby competition, choosing the Circuit de La Sarthe. They cannot impose on the fast Violet, a car designed exclusively for the competition, but the meritorious achieve 2, 4, and 5 square in its category. A month later, another baby driven Gehim, beat its class in the rise in costs to Mont-Ventoux. Peugeot with these results will terminate the participation in competition, focusing its racing Department, exclusively this year on the racing car L76 with double camshaft in head and gave so many hits the mark in his sporting life.

With the arrival of the first world war, the most important factories in France, had to change their production programs, leaving practically without end and focusing on the production of material to military projects.

Before its cessation of manufacture in 1916, the baby showed again its reliability and maneuverability have involved in the race, because they were employed by the French army as a coach of link on different fronts of campaign.



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