The First Unit Of The Ferrari Testarossa

- 11:19:00 AM
This Ferrari Testarossa is the first unit of a family of 22 vehicles constructed to compete for Ferrari. With the classic Fender pontoon-shaped, this Ferrari Testarossa 57 is moved by a motor type 128 LM SOHC, with architecture of 12 cylinders arranged in V, three liters of displacement and capable of delivering a maximum close to 300 HP.

Coupled to the engine a four-speed manual transmission was and the braking system was entrusted to a drum, rather than the more modern disc brakes.

It never got a win any race, but second and third places. The auctioned vehicle debuted at the 1000 km of Nürburgring, participated in the 12 hours of Sebring and big prizes in the American Southern Cone.

In 1958, he ran the 24 hours of Le Mans as part official Ferrari team, which could not finish by a mechanical breakdown. Subsequently, he served as display in a multitude of car events car, being the star of some as well known as the contest of elegance that is held every year at Pebble Beach.

The owner of the car (only had two owners in forty years), he had restored the prototype 250 TR and had returned to its configuration of 1958 in Le Mans. You installed the original engine, arranged the body and returned its primordial image of racing from 1958 (when suffered an accident which calcined almost in full.


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