Italian Treasury, ISO tap

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Known as the GL faucet or A3 / L, this coupé was designed as a version of road to pass career of Giotto Bizzarrini cars. Launched in 1965, his style Bertone and the race of this model has done some of the treasures in the Italian market.

Giotto Bizzarrini, earned a reputation working in companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini. His goal was to defeat these past patterns on the track, which also meant the sale of cars in street versions to help pay the Bills.

The 5300 GT was born between Bizzarrini and Giugiaro Bertone in Rivolta Renzo. The three worked together to create the Iso Rivolta 300, an auto Iso logo, with a steel plate welded monocoque and the V8 Corvette. Because of the sports nature of the chassis and the reliability of its American might, Bizzarrini wanted to go to endurance racing, but Rivolta, who was owner of Iso, disagreed.

Fortunately, in 1963, Rivolta is finally convinced to finance the development of the Iso Rivolta. The result was the forerunner of the 5300 GT, Iso tap.

Both Bizzarrini and Bertone worked intensely on two cars that debuted at the 1963 Turin Motor Show. To meet Rivolta, both competition tap A3 / C and a 2 + 2 tap A3 / L. These cars had very different bodies and different design goals, but in many ways they were the same. Both faucets were designed by Giugiaro at Bertone, used the same chassis and the same engine.

Immediately after the show with success, two versions of the tap put in production.

All chassis were built in the workshop of Bizzarrini Livorno.



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