Silverstone Racing Circuit Is Not So For Sale By Owner

- 7:09:00 PM
The battle to get the Silverstone racing circuit is a very well known it is indeed very interesting things to look at, but unfortunately, have to end up with a bit of a disappointment.

Initially, the Jaguar Land Rover Group almost managed to get this racing circuit, before their offering beat by Porsche. While the negotiation process is taking place, a small company Ginetta joined bidding as well. Even former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer, the father of the Renault F1 driver, Jolyon Palmer, participated also enter the bidding.

Based on reports from AutoSport, owners of Silverstone, the British Racing Drivers Club, has decided not to sell the circuit again. At the beginning of this year had circulated rumors BRDC would break the contract to host the British Grand Prix because of the rising cost of the F1 racing venue.

But changing ownership of F1 appears to change his decision BRDC began in this situation. BRDC boss John Grant asserts with the completion of the sale of Formula 1 to Liberty Media and also a lot of discussions, the management decided to close the discussion the question of the sale of this racing circuit.

Grant also realize the full risk of his decision this reply, but he's confident reply his decision to retain the Silverstone Circuit this is the right decision for the continuity of their business.

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