Bugatti Will Start Thinking About Next Year's Chiron's Successor

- 5:18:00 PM
Just last year the Bugatti unveiled the Chiron, which in the grand scheme of the House That Ettore Built, still make it into the new car. Actually, we're still figuring out what can be done by the hypercar.

Speaking in a roundtable discussion among journalists at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week, CEO of Bugatti, Wolfgang Dürheimer indicated that work will soon begin on the next generation of the hypercar.

"Chiron will be with us for a long time," said Dürheimer. "So the question what is the next thing that needs to be answered by the year 2019. Next year is the year of pre-development where we evaluate a variety of ideas. "

If Chiron, with a pair of the electric charger, benefits more from electric assistance than do Veyron, their successors are expected to be more hybrid again-although still not confirmed Dürheimer. "Electrification is also likely to be a topic for Bugatti. It has not been decided, but we have an interesting alternative. The race will continue. We would advance more quickly, more quickly, and better in every dimension. "


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